Similar Artists

If you like the Trendy HooliGuns, then these bands are definitely worth checking as well.

Overhype is nu-metal-crossover-rapcore band from Brno, Czech Republic. The band was founded back in May 2008, and it presents the combined work of its members: Calwi - vocals/rap, Cibul - guitar, Pavel - bass and Martas - drums. In 2009 the Overhype presented their first EP called Hardly Manageable Drug. After this album, they also released Misstake in 2010 and Social Influenza in 2012.

Critical BillCritical Bill is a fantastic band which comes from the streets of Detroit, Michigan. It is a five piece urban rock band with Powerdise on vocals, Michael Scott on guitar, Mark Causley on drums, as well as Phil Thacker on Bass and DJ Tom Sawyer. This band combines melodic rock sounds with the cutting edge of the hip-hop sounds.

Mellowtoy is a band from Milan, Italy founded in 2003. It is a mixture rock, pop, metal, rap and other modern musical elements and genres. Their first album soon became popular in Italy with their amazing Duran Duran cover Save a Prayer. Their second album from 2006 called Nobody Gets Out Alive brought darker and heavier notes.

Zeromind is an excellent band from San Francisco, California. The band is lead by super-talented twin vocals that made some fantastic performances in their 20-year-old history alongside the best rock and metal bands in the world such as Megadeth, Slayer, Dio, In Flames, Napalm Death, Ministry, Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God. Because of that reason and also because of their amazing energy, Zeromind´s members are among the rare musicians in this genre who enjoy the status of megastars.

Primer 55 is another American nu metal band which comes from Louisville, Kentucky. The band was formed in 1997 by the former vocalist J-Sin and guitarist Bobby Burnes. Today, Primer 55 involves two other members - Grover Norton and Darren Walling. Their first album Introduction to Mayhem was released in 2000 which helped them tour with some of the best metal bands like Biohazard, Slipknot, Machine Head, and Dope. The band later presented only one album called (The) New Release.