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The Hooliguns have been active for the past decade conquering Greek and Cypriot heavy metal lovers who get excited with every new release of an album. In 2015, the Hooliguns surprised their fans again by releasing a new album that contains several new elements, but the band stayed true to their punk and heavy style. The beat is maybe more aggressive which perfectly harmonizes with the lyrics. The album was released in May 2015 and is called Hooligunismos.

The HooligunsThe album is again full of satiric sentiment but it also features comic elements. The album has 11 firy and rhythmic tracks, each of them telling a story to a fierce metal beat. The Hooligun frontman, Vassilis Paraskevas, stayed again true to himself with the tough, but true verses he shares with us that mercilessly mess with our conscience making us feel the moment. Compared to their earlier work, this album is clearer regarding vocals and sound with sharp passes in rhythm.

The passes from metal to thrash are clearly noticeable in the beats delivered by Themis Ioannou and Phoebus Andriopoulos which ads more aggressiveness to the rhythm, which true metal fans will know to appreciate. The rhythm can be especially noticed in songs like The Party and Seeking Brother which features Bob Katsionis. The album also features other great songs like Dude and Hipsters.

The Hooliguns sing about the Greek society, addressing different problems and issues people come across. The band has loads of fans because of their unique artistic portrayal of various situations. Metal music is a special genre cut out for a specific group of people who love and live the style. Metal is not just music, it is a way of life, and that is why we can spot metal fans very easily on the street, at the supermarket, etc., because they stay true to their music and the heavy metal look in their everyday life.

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Metal Music Flashback: Where Does It Come From and How It Defines Itself?

The loudest music genre, heavy metal, originated in the UK and the USA in the 1960s and 1970s. It is a subgenre of rock with elements of blues. Metal is known for featuring long guitar solos and massive sounds. The lyrics are usually somewhat aggressive, and the lead singer usually has a very protrusive voice that is harmonized with the music. Even if metal has been around for decades, it is still very often the target of critics who do not approve of the heavy metal beats and the” heavy” lyrics. This is a well-known fact, and Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin, who pioneered in the genre, probably know it best. Being the first ones to introduce the massive and loud beat, their art was often devalued, despite their big fan-bases, which are called Headbangers in popular culture.

In the 1980s, a new sub-genre started to emerge, nowadays known as thrash, and Metallica was one of the bands that popularized this form of metal. It further led to the development of death and black metal. Since the heavy metal scene seemed to expand further and further, with new beats being developed, it led to erasing the clear-cut line between subgenres, and sometimes, it is hard to tell which band follows which style. Bands nowadays, mix and combine different styles which proved to be a success recipe for many of them. Linkin Park, for example, brought nu metal into focus, since they added a hip-hop touch to their songs.

A metal band usually consists of a lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, drummer, bassist and a vocalist. Sometimes, a keyboard instrumentalist is added to create the perfect sound, but not always. The electric guitar is also a must since it represents the key element for the mandatory distortion.


Heavy metal is a genre that lets the lead singer and lead guitarist “confront” and compete against each other on stage, whereby in pop and rock bands the lead singer is the dominant force - the orbit around which others revolve. Metal gives precedence to sound over voice, which gives enough room to instrumentalists, especially lead guitarist to take over the stage. All of this, including, drums and bass, creates the perfect empathic rhythm.

Top Metal Bands from Greece

Many Greek bands found themselves in the empathic heavy metal genre, building their music career around it. The metal scene in Greece is vast with numerous metal heads that support their favorite metal bands. Greece is known from the antiques for its influence, civilization, great philosophers, etc., but in this day and age, it might be the biggest oasis for metal bands in Europe. Take a look at what Greece has to offer.

Rotting Christ is the Greek band that sticks to the black metal subgenre and is the best known among Greek headbangers. The band has been around since the late 1980s, starting out as a grind band. Over time, they shifted to black metal when they showed their darker side. They experimented with the gothic style but found their way back to black metal. They try to maintain an ethnic sound in their compositions.

Varathron is another excellent black metal band which features strong melodies, a dark riff sound, and edgy lyrics. The band was formed in 1988 and explores the themes of occultism, myths, mystery, evil, and horror in their songs. The band’s name Varathron literally means “extremely deep gorge” in English. The band has four members, whereby only the vocalist has been present from the beginning, and the other four joined later after 2000, replacing the original band members.

Septicflesh is a 1990s band, but it rather belongs to the death metal category. The band is known for their extreme synths beat and rhythm, while their lyrics grew more complex over the years. The band was active from its formation, but in 2003, the band dissolved due to personal conflicts and reasons, but, luckily, Septicflesh got back together under this name (as opposed to their former Septic Flesh) in 2007. Their new album is about to come out this spring which will be their tenth in a row. The album will feature the Filmharmonic Orchestra of Prague, with whom the band already collaborated on their earlier albums.